Branded Business Currencies

Your business should really issue a currency


Most large businesses today issue their own currencies.


Don't be. You use them all the time. They're called airline miles, customer rewards points, cash-back bonuses, and so forth. However, they're actually branded private currencies issued by businesses.

Scalable Customer Loyalty Programs

Big business can often afford the infrastructure for loyalty currencies, discount programs, and so forth. Right now, this infrastructure is sorely lacking for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Our software will enable anyone to get on the Cognisaya web site and with minimal effort, set up a branded currency for their business no matter how big or small the business is.

Universal Access

Although there are some companies offering software and hardware solutions for this market to SMBs, they are all propriety systems whose only purpose is to manage that one currency. One of the things that is holding branded currencies back is the fact that there is no universal platform across all (or even many) businesses and across all hardware platforms.

A branded currency system enables businesses to seamlessly aggregate deals, offers, payments, and loyalty currencies into one platform. That is, customers have a single user interface through which they interact with all of the methods that businesses use to incentivize purchases (rewards points, discount coupons, etc.). All of these different forms of incentives can be issued as branded currencies and managed through the same wallet.

In addition, the wallet software can treat coupons, loyalty currencies, and so forth as convertible instruments. Customers can easily pick which instrument to spend and how much in any given transaction. This enables them to calculate and compare the purchasing power of different forms of payment. They can also prioritize which instruments they want to spend.

An advantage of our system is that many SMBs can easily move into branded currencies and discount coupons that they release as a digital currency with little cost. Their customers use the same wallet software for all of the incentive programs. Our digital wallet stores any compatible currency. As a result, customers have only one interface for all of their currency needs.

By contrast, the current situation is one in which virtually every business that releases a branded currency also has their own wallet software. Customers must download and learn a new wallet application every time they want to use a different form of currency. Our system provides a level of universality to the experience of using branded currencies.

Selling Excess Capacity

It is possible for your business to issue a branded currency that contains certificates of ownership. You can use this feature to issue a currency against your excess inventory or production capacity. Businesses, especially those in your supply chain, may be willing to accept your currency as payment in exchange for goods and services that you purchase from them.

Store Credit

Another way to use a branded currency is for issuing in-store credit. Many small, local businesses do not have the infrastructure for issuing store credit when items are returned. They must make the choice of refusing the return or refunding the purchase in full.

Refusing the return can cost the business a customer.

Refunding the full purchase price can put the business in a difficult situation if the business can’t resell the item and can’t get a refund from the supplier.

Having the alternative of providing in-store credit enables the business to please the customer and helps ensure that the business is not overly burdened with costly returns.


Branded private currencies are already a big part of the business landscape. Their use will only increase. Our software makes branded currencies possible for businesses of any size. It also enables customers to have a universal, familiar experience across all of the currencies they use.

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