What Our Software Does

Our software does four things:

  1. Issues information packets with currency-like features that can be used to represent anything of value.
  2. Processes transactions on the information packets as if they were currency.
  3. Enables you to build new and innovative forms of traditional financial instruments such as contracts, mortgages, stocks, and bonds (and lots more).
  4. Enables you to build new and innovative forms of traditional financial instruments such as contracts, mortgages, stocks, and bonds (and lots more).

How Our Software Works

So here's the technical version of what we're doing. The software we're developing lets you issue information packets which contain cryptographic codes that gives the packet currency-like features. In other words, you can use the packets just as if they were money. Our software creates digital currencies.

Each information packet also contains a data payload describing something of value. The data payload can be currency information or anything else. It can represent ownership of gold or silver. So you can issue a currency backed by deposits of gold or silver. The payload could also be ownership of anything else of value, such as oil. You really can have a reserve of crude oil and issue certificates of ownership in the data packets. Because of the cryptographic codes that are also in the information packets, you can treat those certificates of ownership as if they were  a currency, call it something nifty like "the petro", and do business using your new currency.

The upshot is that you can create a currency that works just like physical cash (and is as private as physical cash) and back it with gold, diamonds, land, oil, or whatever else people find valuable.

And there are ways of doing business that put your currency on par with legal tender for almost everything except paying your taxes. For that, you have to use legal tender.

Why is This Important?

The US dollar has lost 98% of its value over the last 100 years. Your money is losing value so fast that if you bought a house for $200,000 in 1990, you would need to sell it for about $334,000 to get back enough money so that you would have the same buying power. In other words, in 1990, $200,000 had the same buying power that $334,000 does now. At that rate of inflation, how is it possible for you to save up any meaningful amount of money for retirement?

Simply put: You are getting poorer even if your earnings are going up each year. Most people just can't keep up.

Sound Money at Last

With our software, any trusted entity, such as individuals, companies, and nonprofit organizations, can legally issue digital currencies and manage them as they see fit. In fact, we're issuing our own digital currency called the Qbit. We are developing digital wallet software to make using multiple digital currencies as easy as using one. In addition, we're writing digital safe software that gives you the ability to back up the wallets on all of your mobile devices.

Our technology creates a free market of competing currencies in which only the most stable, valuable, and usable forms of money can survive. At last, you have the chance to use sound money that does not lose its value over time.

Right now, we have proof-of-concept software that enables us to know that we can do what we say. However, we're looking for funding to help us finish the software.

Economic Democracy

Right now, we live in an economic monopoly that has existed since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. The result is somewhat similar to playing cards with a stacked deck. The odds are against you. They're tilted in favor of big money interests and big government.

The federal government uses its power over currency to centralize economic power to itself. Centralized economic power also concentrates political control to the federal government. Eventually, whoever controls the currency controls all aspects of human life.

Over time, the ability to control currency also accentuates the disparity between the rich and the poor, as we're seeing in our economy now. It also leads to greater concentrations of power into the hands of fewer and fewer people. The ultimate cause of this is control over money. Almost everything else, such as corporate malfeasance, out-of-control government spending, and loss of personal freedoms, is a symptom.

For political democracy to survive, we must have an economic democracy in which anyone can freely use any currency they choose. We must be free to create new economic structures that are not so heavily weighted toward transferring wealth and power from the many to the few. Our software provides this opportunity. We truly see what we are doing as necessary for the survival of democracy.

Open Source

We will be providing our software as open source so that you can download and use it for free. You can make any changes to our software that you want to, as long as you publicly release the changes under the same open source license.

Our software enables you to install add-on modules that you develop. You are not required to release the source code for your proprietary add-ons. Only changes to our original software are covered under the open source license.

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