Mutual Credit Systems: The "Unmoney of the Future"

It’s possible to buy, sell, and do business completely without money and without bartering. Why would you want to? Well, here are a few reasons.

 Permanently escape inflation.

 Regain your place as a value producer rather than a consumer.

 Decentralize control over your economy.

 Gain a greater voice in your economy.

 Design a more humane, fair, and profitable economy. 

 Create investment opportunities that you don’t have now.

 Do business with people you trust.

 Boost local businesses.

 Become an incubator for business creation.

Credit Clearing Cooperatives

Build decentralized economies that enable you to buy and sell without money and without bartering.


Innovative and Humane Investments

Invent new forms of investments and financial instruments that provide your customers with new opportunities for profit in fair and humane ways.


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