Denationalized Currencies and Decentralized Economies

Did you know that the US dollar has lost 97% of its value since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank?

And did you know that fractional reserve banking (the banking system we use today) concentrates wealth and power from the many to Big Business and Big Government?

Did you know that most of the problems that anti-capitalists rail against are not caused by the free market but by over-centralization of the economy?

Did you know that inflation is almost completely caused by the government and not by market forces?

Did you know that you can issue your own currencies for for-profit decentralized free markets that you design?

Free Market Currencies

Join in a free market of competing currencies that don’t suffer from inflation and produce currencies that are stable, valuable, and usable. Democratize money by giving your users the power to vote with their wallets.


Local Currencies

Start a business that supplies and manages one or more currencies for your community. Revitalize your local economy and make a profit doing it.


Credit Clearing Cooperatives

Build decentralized economies that enable you to buy and sell without money and without bartering.


Innovative and Humane Investments

Invent new forms of investments and financial instruments that provide your customers with new opportunities for profit in fair and humane ways.


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