You Can’t Live There. Obama Says So.


HUD’s “Disparate Impact” doctrine steals your freedom of choice makes it possible for the government to dictate where you can live.

The Obama Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is moving forward with a doctrine that gives the government the right and the ability to dictate all aspects of housing at a local level.

The rational behind this massive power grab is that communities aren’t “desegregated” enough. Therefore, the government must step in and force integration. 

Abandoning Constitutional Freedoms and Free Markets

Apparently Mr. Obama and those at the HUD either don’t understand or don’t believe in the basic freedoms that this country was founded on. Or possibly they don’t understand or don’t believe that the free market should be free.

In a normal free market, people chose where they want to live. That seems very basic to us, but not to Mr. Obama & Assoc. They believe that EVERY community should reflect the national averages. If the number of blacks, hispanics, gays, or whatever in your neighborhood does not reflect the national average, the HUD’s new doctrine gives the federal government control of land use and zoning laws, such as minimum lot sizes, limits on multi-unit properties, height limits, or bedroom-number limits as well as requirements for special use permits (and) occupancy regulations, and more. They can control virtually every aspect of your community until its composition meets their approval.

The new federal controls do not need to reflect or consider your wishes for your community. It doesn’t matter whether or not everyone in your suburb thinks it’s ok to have a mother-in-law apartment in your house. You can vote to allow it all you want, the federal government can override the decision of local voters to force your community to accept whatever they think it doesn’t have enough of.

No More Freedom of Choice

It is absolutely true that nearly every community in the US does not reflect the national averages for population distribution. There are more Koreans in some areas. In others, there are large numbers of Hispanics. Some areas are mostly white. But there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this. Its a direct result of peoples free choices in the free market.

The history of the US shows that people of similar national origin tend to live together in particular areas. They choose this on their own. No one forces it on them. For example, is it bad that both Poulsbo, WA and Gloucester, MA  are traditionally heavily populated by Norwegians? Do we so hate Norwegians that we will not allow them to live together if they so choose? Are we really going to force them to have a minimum number of blacks, Asians, or whatever-even if the black and Asians dont want to live there? How does this amount to freedom of choice?

How Did This Happen?

Using a Supreme Court decision in the case Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, HUD pretends that it is just conforming to the Fair Housing Act of 1968. According to the Obama doctrine, the Fair Housing Act gives the administration the ability to control all aspects of local community living by allowing it to sue communities that if municipal policies have a “disparate impact” as measured by the racial percentages of the local population.

The Fair Housing Act was designed to cover only intentional acts of racial discrimination. To use it as the basis of a dictatorial policy that harasses communities until they have their token Native American family or token Asian family living there is ridiculous in the extreme.

It does not matter to the Obama administration that the reality is that when people have the freedom to choose where to live, it is absolutely not possible for every community in the nation to reflect the national averages. The only way to achieve the racial distribution that Obama’s HUD is trying to force on us all is to take away the power to choose where we want to live.

Economic Impact

The HUDs unprecedented attempt to control who can live where is shocking in its sheer arrogance. By punishing communities until they conform to national averages, the Obama administration can only hurt home values and housing prices. 

For example, suppose no more whites can live in a particular area even though there are whites who will buy houses there and move in. Housing prices, and home values, can only go down until the proper number of Hispanics, etc move in. They have to. Imagine that there are several houses for sale in the community and they can only be bought by minorities and there are not enough minorities buying houses in that neighborhood. People growing increasingly desperate to sell their houses will do the natural thing; they’ll drop the price. Its only when the community has achieved the national averages again that people can buy and sell their homes freely, without fear of a lawsuit by HUD. At that point, the market can begin to operate again because people can by homes freely-at least until the community runs afoul of HUD again.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Are we really ready to sacrifice our freedoms for government-approved uniformity? Dont we remember that this is exactly how the Soviet Union operated? The communist party could dictate where everyone lived and whether or not people could move out of an area to get a job. Now were seeing the same thing in the US.

As always, centralized government control again causes more problems than it purports to solve.

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