The takeover of stores in Venezuela and the Obamacare debacle are exactly the same thing-two nations marching diligently toward economic collapse and serfdom.

First, we'll apologize for the ALL CAPS in the title. Yes, we know that that's normally considered yelling on the internet. But what's happening before our eyes is so important that it requires just a bit of shouting. So please, good reader, be forgiving and indulge our intensity just this once. But it's very clear to us that the United States of America is standing on the brink of something very, very bad and we need to change course right away.

Venezuela as an Example

Right now, the socialist strongman that leads Venezuela has tried to remedy the effects of disastrous and destructive Marxist policies by the armed takeover of stores in that country. Venezuela is suffering from shortages of virtually everything. The shortages, inflation (which is above 50%), and other problems are entirely due to government policies and price controls,

The recent takeover has resulted in government-approved theft and looting. Yes, leaders are calling for calm, but they created a situation that essentially turns their citizens into savages. Calling for calm at this point is patently hypocritical.

America is Doing the Same

What does this have to do with the United States of America?

President Obama's signature piece of legislation is the Affordable Healthcare Act, aka Obamacare. To anyone who has watched the government fumble and bumble its way from one piece of failed interference in the free market to another, it was not surprising that Mr. Obama could not keep his "if you like your plan you can keep it" promise. Such governmental promises NEVER work out the way politicians say they are going to. It's a wonder anyone believes those kinds of promises any more, but for some reason they do.

And for some reason, people who voted for Barak Obama were actually surprised that the promise wasn't fulfilled. They're SHOCKED! SHOCKED, I TELL YOU!

These indignant Obama voters are now demanding that the President keep his promise to them. One of them, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), is actually proposing a law for force insurers to let people keep their plans. Senator Landrieu's law essentially nationalizes the health insurance industry at the point of a government gun.

Ok, I'm going to stop here and warn you. I'm about to break out red text, bold letters, and maybe even more capital letters to make my next point.

Senator Landrieu's proposed law is no different than what Hugo Chavez and his cohorts are doing in Venezuela!

Ok, I got through that without any undue capitalization. But I did fall prey to large text.

But let's consider this point. Passing a law to force insurers to provide specific plans at specific prices is exactly the same as surrounding stores with armed troops and forcing them to sell TVs at prices dictated by the government. There is NO difference here!

The armed takeover of Marxist leaders in Venezuela is the same as the armed takeover of Marxists in America. If we're foolish enough to think that the next step for America is not troops around gas stations and grocery stores, we are very foolish indeed.

The history of Communist China and the Soviet Union prove conclusively that when price controls are imposed by government central planners. goods become scarce and entire industries often collapse. Marxism, in all its many forms, does nothing but impoverish nations, kill, and enslave people.

It is easy to see that Marxism is striding forward in Venezuela. It is less obvious that it is doing the same in the United States of America. What's happening in Venezuela with the forced takeover of chain stores and what's happening in the US with the forced takeover of the health insurance industry is identical. It is Marxism on the march.

The Road to Serfdom

The great economist Fredric von Hayek authored a seminal book called The Road to Serfdom. It's been said that this work had a strong influence on Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. This profound little book lays out exactly the course we are on in America today. This should be required reading in every school. Today, however, this wonderful book is largely unknown. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how important it is that every US citizen read this short, concise book. You can download a copy of it for free at the Mises Institute.

The Mises Institute also provides an even shorter version of the book in cartoon form. Here it is.

If you look at each panel of the cartoon version, you'll see we are well advanced along this road. In our case, it wasn't war that caused our national crisis (as stated in panel 1), but an economic collapse in housing and banking that was directly caused by the Dodd-Frank act and government interference in the free market. But once we started down the road to central planning, central planning stayed.

Most recently, the central planners promised us a Utopia where everyone had health insurance and it was all free, or at least it was cheaper than ever before (panel 3). But of course, that's not the way it worked out (it never does). So the government has tried to propagandize us (panel 7). They're making traction with some, but most are losing faith in central planners.

Of course, the next step is to find a strongman to force compliance with the plan (panel 10). Venezuela has already taken this step in the form of Hugo Chavez. America is close behind.

If you've ever seen the Star Wars movie, you may remember the scene where the gullible Jar Jar Binks proposes granting Chancellor Palpatine "special powers" to deal with a crisis. George Lucas used this plot device in the movies because it happens so often in real life. From Julius Caesar to Hugo Chavez, strongmen have repeatedly destroyed the freedoms of the people they govern once they're granted "special powers" that they somehow never seem to relinquish.

In our political scene, Senator Landrieu's proposal is no different than that of Jar Jar Binks. It grants the government with special powers to control the health insurance industry. If we think those powers will ever be relinquished, we're fooling ourselves. America is about to undergo a complete Marxist-style takeover of the health insurance and the health care industries. Obamacare was only the prelude. And if we think that it will stop with the health insurance and health care industries, we are again fooling ourselves.

If we do nothing, our country will continue along the path that so many others have followed. One party will completely take over the country (panel 11). Have you noticed that President Obama is now pushing to legalize 12 million illegal aliens? Who do you think the majority of them will vote for? I'm pretty sure it's not the Republicans or Libertarians. The legalization of illegal immigrants will virtually guarantee a permanent power base for the Democratic party.

As with all one-party systems, there must be an enemy, either internal or external. With the Nazis, it was the Jews. For communist Russia and China, it was the US. Either way, a conflict with an "enemy" is manufactured to unify the nation and provide a scapegoat for the party's endless failures.

In the end, all freedoms disappear and millions die. We'll never know exactly how many of its own people the Soviet Union murdered. Estimates range from 61 million on the low side up to almost 100 million on the high side. Communist China is similar. They are estimated to have killed a minimum of 65 million people. Communism in the 20th Century certainly killed 85 million people and possibly as many as 140 million.

What happened in communist Russia and China could happen here too. All we have to do is nothing.

We at Cognisaya, LLC are calling for a return to economic democracy, which is absolutely required for political democracy to survive. We are creating tools to enable this to happen. This is a long road that we're on. We're not doing it for the money, because frankly there are easier ways for us to make money. We're doing this for the future of our children. We hope you will join with us to make a better future.

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