Moral Obligations and the Economy

The highest moral obligations we owe to our fellow human beings are self-reliance and equality.

Here's a simple question: What are the highest moral obligations that we owe our fellow human beings?

In a free society governed by the rule of law there can be only one answer: The highest moral obligations we owe to our fellow human beings are self-reliance and equality.


If we are to have a free society, then we must require ourselves to be self-reliant. We must stand on our own two feet, grow a spine, support ourselves, make our own choices in life, and be responsible for the consequences of our actions. If we refuse to do one or more of these things, then we are placing on others the burden of caring for us. This is a burden that we have no right to push onto anyone. In fact, it is immoral to do so.

In a situation where we refuse to be self-reliant, we make ourselves into children and others into our parents. We give up our freedoms to others. Freedom for all cannot be achieved unless all are willing to be self-reliant.

Freedom and Responsibility

Being free does not mean freedom from responsibility. That is childhood. We are not free until we are adults. Once we are adults, we stay free by being responsible.

Think about small children. Their parents tell them things like, "Don't go beyond the corners at either end of the block" and "Look both ways before you cross the street." Those two rules are all they need to handle themselves when it comes to rodes. However, little kids also have little freedom when it comes to rodes.

Things change as we grow older. When we're teenagers and we learn to drive, we learn LOTS of new rules for handling ourselves on the road. If you are a responsible driver and abide by the rules of the road, you can literally drive anywhere in the country. 

Simply put: you gain freedom by being more responsible.

Being free always means shouldering responsibility for ourselves, making our own choices, supporting ourselves, and living with the consequences. Being free means being responsible and self-reliant.

Self-Reliance and Freedom

Self reliance is the only possible path to a free society.

Those who will not produce in society-those who only take from society and refuse to work when they are able to do so-are not self-reliant and hence, they cannot be free. In fact, they attempt to rob the rest of us of our freedom.

Those who would use the government to force us to support them are simply thieves. They are evil and they are children. They do not want to make us into their parents, they want to make us into their slaves. They deny freedom to themselves and to the rest of us. And they usually do it by appealing to our religious ethics. They say things like, "Jesus taught that we are our brother's keeper" and "Jesus taught that we need to help each other." These ideas of helping the less fortunate and lifting the downtrodden reverberate through virtually every religion and moral code on earth.

However, using altruism and love for our fellow human beings to excuse the government for forcefully stealing from one person in order to give handouts to those who will not work is an insidious and evil twisting of altruism and love. It is the wolf cloaking himself in sheep's clothing so that he can use our better natures as a weapon against us.

Forced Handouts brings Slavery and Poverty

Giving handouts  through forced taxation to anyone capable of work is nothing but slavery. It makes slaves out of those who receive the handouts. It makes slaves out of those whose money is stolen. It makes the government everyone's master.

In a society where forced taxation is used to give handouts to the indolent, those who receive the handouts become dependent on the government. Specifically, they become dependent on the party that runs the government. They must do what that party says if they want to keep the gravy train rolling. In the US, the Democrats lead the charge in giving handouts to those who won't work. But the Republicans are doing their best to keep up. Both parties know that playing Santa Claus wins elections. It then becomes a question of who can give the biggest handouts.

In a society where forced taxation is used to give handouts to the indolent, those whose money is stolen and given away are the slaves of the government. They work more and more, and they receive less and less. Their motivation to work dies and they stop, or at least they become less productive. Society as a whole sinks into poverty.

Am I My Brother's Keeper?

People ask, "Don't we have a moral obligation to help the poor?"

There can only be one response to such a query: The question is incomplete and cannot be answered as it stands.

If we help the poor, we are helping them to do what, exactly? Are we helping them to survive from day to day and continue in poverty? If so, we are not fulfilling our moral obligation to those around us. Keeping people in poverty by just providing a subsistence level of help is cruel and inhumane. It in no way fulfills our moral obligation to help others become self-reliant.

At this point, the eyes of government sycophants generally light up and say, "Well then you're in favor of this program and that program and those other programs over there. They're designed to help people out of poverty."

However, this is nothing but smoke and mirrors. It is government's way of creating more dependency.

The truth is that we are our brother's keeper. We do have a moral obligation to help the less fortunate become self-reliant, free, and independent. In helping others to self-reliance, we help ourselves and future generations. Leaving people in dependence is not only cruel and unjust, it destroys our own future and the futures of our children because poverty drains the economy, or at least slows it down to the point of stagnation.

The reality is that government programs cannot possibly raise the majority of the poor from poverty. I challenge you to name one government program for the poor that has ever lifted the majority of its participants out of poverty. You can't. No one can because there never has been such a program.

Government programs have completely failed in their stated purposes. Not one government program helps the poor because not one government program has ever lifted any significant number of people out of poverty. Continuing government programs that trap people in poverty is, again, cruel and inhumane. And once again, governments run such programs to perpetuate dependency, not out of altruism or love of others. Such programs simply enhance the power of those in government. They serve no other purpose.

Government officials may put on nice faces and make noise about how we all need to help the poor. They may make vicious and venomous accusations about their political opponents not being willing to help the poor. But they are just using the poor as a means to power. They will not and cannot solve the problems of the poor. Specifically, they cannot help the poor become self-reliant. If all of the poor stopped being poor, how would government justify its massive, fraud-ridden programs that enrich those inside the government?


The other moral obligation we have to those around us is closely related to self-reliance. We owe it to our fellow human beings to help them be equal with us if they need and want that help. In the words of Jesus, "love they neighbor as thyself." If you love those around you as much as you love yourself you see everyone as your equal. You will make a reasonable effort to help others to become as self-reliant as you are. You will never require your neighbor to be dependent on you and will help him live as equally free and independent as you. You will not ignore your neighbor in his or her poverty and leave them to suffer when you can help.

This does not mean we must give until we are reduced to poverty. If we see ourselves as equal with others, we will not overtax our own resources. We will take care of our own needs too. There has to be a balance.

A moral obligation to help others be equally self-reliant does not mean that government should be used as a club to rob people of their money to help others. As stated previously, government programs are not really for those who they purport to help.

This moral obligation to help others also does not mean that we should have government-forced hiring quotas based on anything other than an applicant's qualifications. That is not equality. In fact, that is forced discrimination.

Equality does not mean sameness.

Fairness and equality do not allow us to use the government to steal from "the rich" just because we want more.

Equality means that we are all equally free to make our own choices and to accept responsibility for the consequences of  those choices.

Equality means we are all treated equally before the law.

Equality means we all have an equal chance to succeed or fail. It does not mean equality of results. We can't force everyone to succeed. If we try, we are actually forcing everyone to fail.

Any attempt at forcing equal results on people regardless of their actions means that we are not free. The only thing we are equal in is our collective misery.

Forcing an equality of results on the entire population can only be accomplished by a totalitarian government. Totalitarian governments create mass murderers, slavery, poverty, and unspeakable horror. That is all they create.

In a society where everyone is truly equal, all are equal before the law. They are equally free to choose. They all equally accept the consequences of their choices. They all have an equal chance to succeed. They all have an equal chance to fail. They are all equally self-reliant.

Moving to Self-Reliance and Equality

Politicians try to convince people that they are victims. They use the victim mentality to keep others dependent on them. As long as others look to politicians to give them their "fair share" and to "right their wrongs" and to "set them free," those "victims" remain dependent on politicians (or community organizers or whoever else preaches victimization) and keep the politicians in power.

If people will not believe that they are victims, politicians (and other opportunists) try to convince people that they are victimizers. They attempt to induce guilt for some perceived crime or some perceived inequity so that they may create government programs to "solve" the problem caused by all these "guilty" people.

The truth is simple. We are neither victims nor victimizers. We are a society of the free, self-reliant, and equal. Every adult who is capable can produce value in our economy. However, we don't really have a workable means of connecting the value we are capable of producing with the demand for that value. Our current system of money and finance does not enable this. It was designed in a time when the world was ruled by aristocrats and it was created specifically to enrich the elites. All it does is make money flow from the many to the few. Both money and power concentrate into the hands of Big Business and Big Government. Our money and our economy prevent us from being a self-reliant and equal people. They prevent us from fulfilling our moral obligations to each other.

Equal Access to Economic Democracy

In a properly-functioning economy operating in a nation with a properly-functioning government, we have all have equal access to the tools needed to become self-reliant. And these tools are not government programs.

In a truly free society where all are equally able to achieve self-reliance, our financial tools enable us to easily connect to those around us who need the value that we can produce. The financial instruments we use to buy houses, start businesses, invest, and so forth, do not create debt and inequality. They do not limit productive people to dead-end jobs by siphoning away money from the many to the few.

Government IS the Problem

In a free society, government gets out of the way. Did you know that in most years, our government produces over 4,000 new regulations per year? We cannot possibly have a functional economy that enables us to be free and self-reliant in such an environment.

Follow the Money

To really understand what's going wrong in our world we must use a common, almost trite axiom, "Follow the money." The simple reason we are in this mess is because our money and financial systems are broken. We have huge and increasing numbers of people in poverty. Our government is going broke just as fast as it can. Indeed, our government is out of control. This situation is caused by our money and financial systems. They concentrate power and wealth into the hands of Big Government and Big Business. We cannot possibly fix this mess until we address the problems with the kind of money that we use and until we fix the debt-based financial system that runs our world.

From Bad to Worse

Government-forced income redistribution, which is always called for in times like ours, only makes the problem worse. As mentioned previously, it eliminates freedom, self-reliance, and equality. But it is also a guaranteed, absolutely proven way to destroy the economy. Even if you could, by totalitarian means, take all the money from "the rich" and give it to "the poor" it would accomplish nothing. Someone else would emerge as "the rich" and the money would concentrate in their hands again. It has to. The basic features of our money and banking systems always force this to happen.

Money and Power

If you examine the history of monarchies, you'll find that money and power has always concentrated from the many to the few.

If you examine the history of democracies, you'll find that money and power has always concentrated from the many to the few.

If you examine the history of totalitarian societies, especially socialist and communist nations, you'll see money and power has always concentrated from the many to the few. In fact, nations with large-scale forcible income redistribution failed faster than any other type of national system.

The reason that every type of government since the 1600AD has ended in tyranny and poverty is that they all used the same kind of money and the same banking system. Whether they were run by potentates, princes, prime ministers, presidents, whether they were "people's republics" or true democratic republics, all nations since the 17th Century have used the same type of money and the same banking system. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is considered one definition of the word insanity.

More Government Will Not Help

What neither government nor big business want you to know is that they won't solve the problems of poverty and inequality. It is not in their best interests to do so. Well, to be specific, government can't and big business won't solve these problems.

What neither government nor big business want you to know is that you can solve the problems of poverty and inequality if you just have the right knowledge and the right toolset. Again, it's not in their best interest for you to do that.

We Can Fix This Ourselves

We can be free. We can solve this ourselves, but it has to come from the bottom up. It has to be a grassroots movement.

We have the power to rethink, reinvent, and recreate money. We have the power to innovate and invent new financial instruments that do not create debt and poverty. That is precisely why we at Cognisaya are building the software we are creating. It is designed to give everyone to tools to be free, equal, and self-reliant.

We cannot completely replace government-issued currency. That is not possible at this point. But we can lower our reliance on it and provide ourselves with economic systems that retain their values even in times of economic collapse. And we are able to form new financial systems that are fair, humane, and keep value in our economies.


It's a simple axiom that whatever we fund grows and whatever we tax dies out. We fund poverty and tax productivity. As a result, we have more poverty and less productivity.

Our government funds poverty and taxes productivity to help government, not to help people. It is the aim of those in power to create dependency and oppress the productive so that they can keep themselves in power.

The kind of money we use, the system we use to create it, and the financial instruments we use with it are all broken.

We are free to reinvent our money and financial systems. It is completely possible and well within our grasp. We just have to realize that we have this freedom and we just have to choose to use it.

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