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Welcome to our blog. Here we discuss the progress on our software and the systems we’re building. We also give information on what’s happening in the economy. Importantly, we speak out on the principles of freedom and the free market that are essential to our economic survival.

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You Can’t Live There. Obama Says So.

HUD’s “Disparate Impact” doctrine steals your freedom of choice makes it possible for the government to dictate where you can live.

Eliminate Cash, Charge Negative Interest Rates, Show No Mercy, Take No Prisoners

The big banks are colluding with governments to take complete control of your money. Welcome to the totalitarian state.

Recently, …

Create a Password that Can’t be Hacked

Here’s a simple way to keep your password from being hacked.

A lot of our customers, friends, and family members have been experiencing …

Illegal Immigration as a Tool for Ending Democracy

The political elites want an electorate they can rule, not one they can represent.

For decades neither political party has done …

Announcing Project El Dorado!

Cognisaya, LLC. is creating and sponsoring an effort to create a new digital currency that advances the state of the art far beyond …

Handing the Mafia a Currency Monopoly

The Russian government may have handed the Russian Mafia a currency monopoly. And the same thing could happen in the US.

Digital currencies, …

Harry Reid Proved IRS Scandal is Valid

Harry Reid tried to force the Redskins to change the name of their team. Instead, he confirmed Conservatives' and Libertarians' worst …

How the IRS Shot Itself in the Foot with Its Bitcoin Guidance

The IRS just gave you a BIG tax refund.

If you've ever enjoyed laughing with an evil laugh, now's the time for a good, "Bwahahahahahahaha!"

Digital Currencies Part 5: How Does Digital Cash Work?

Digital cash is flexible, powerful, and completely customizable.

So how is it possible to digitize money? The following figure …

Digital Currencies Part 4: Why Use Digital Cash?

Digital cash has distinct advantages.

There are many reasons to prefer digital cash over physical cash. Here are just a few.

Digital …

Digital Currencies Part 3: What is Digital Cash?

Digital cash is the beginning of a free market revolution.

Digital cash is a revolutionary new technology that will forever change …

Moral Obligations and the Economy

The highest moral obligations we owe to our fellow human beings are self-reliance and equality.

Here's a simple question: What are …


The takeover of stores in Venezuela and the Obamacare debacle are exactly the same thing-two nations marching diligently toward economic …

Legal Tender, Money Centralization, and Income Inequality

The only way to solve the income inequality problem is to apply free market principles to money itself.

There has been a lot in the …

Digital Currencies Part 2: What is the Difference Between Our Software and Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and its derivatives are the first generation (1G) of digital currencies. We're working on second (2G) and third (3G) generation …

Rethinking Money Part 11: Denationalized Currencies

Anyone can issue a currency. Really.

Disclaimer: The contents of this and all other pages on this web site cannot be taken as legal …

How Corruption Makes Americans Fat and Kills Americans Early

Government distortion of free markets is a major contributor to America's obesity epidemic.

Recently, news services blazed the headline "

Digital Currencies Part 1: Bitcoin Paves the Way

Bitcoin proves that don't need government to issue our money. In fact, we can do it better ourselves.

A pioneering digital currency …

Rethinking Money Part 10: Sound Money for Your State and Community

Local currencies can keep value in your community, alleviate poverty, and promote your local economy.

National governments issue …

Rethinking Money Part 9: Social-Purpose Currencies

Specialty currencies can solve social problems without raising taxes, redistributing wealth, increasing regulations, or going into …

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