Illegal Immigration as a Tool for Ending Democracy

The political elites want an electorate they can rule, not one they can represent.

For decades neither political party has done ANYTHING to close the southern border of the United States of America. Here’s a simple question: Why?

One can see why the Democrats don’t want to stop illegal aliens from invading this country. Illegals, when they obtain the right to vote, vote overwhelmingly Democrat. If all illegal aliens were suddenly authorized to vote, the Democratic party would dominate in all national elections and most local elections.

Simply put, legalizing illegal aliens would end democracy in the United States because it would end the two party system completely. Democrats could and would fundamentally change the laws of this country to erase what few Constitutional protections we have left. They would be free to destroy the free market and implement any Socialistic policy that popped into their heads. With no restraints on the Democrats, this country would soon become Venezuela. 

But why won’t Republicans stand up agains illegal invasion from the south? One would think it would be in their best interests.

One would be wrong.

Republicans don’t care that illegals vote mostly Democrat. In fact, neither do the Democrats.

A recent study by the Center for Immigrations Studies found that the primary motivation for both Democrats and Republicans political elites allowing illegal immigrants into this country and providing them with a path to legality is that they want a “more malleable electorate” that is “more dependent on government programs” than most Americans are now. 

To quote from the study:

While Democratic legislators we spoke with welcomed the Latino vote, they seemed more interested in those immigrants and their offspring as a tool to increase the role of the government in society and the economy. Several of them tended to see Latin American immigrants and even Latino constituents as both more dependent on and accepting of active government programs and the political class guaranteeing those programs, a point they emphasized more than the voting per se. Moreover, they saw Latinos as more loyal and "dependable" in supporting a patron-client system and in building reliable patronage networks to circumvent the exigencies of political life as devised by the Founding Fathers and expected daily by the average American.

The Republicans are no less culpable.

Republican lawmakers we spoke with knew that naturalized Latin American immigrants and their offspring vote mostly for the Democratic Party, but still most of them (all except five) were unambiguously in favor of amnesty and of continued mass immigration (at least from Mexico). This seemed paradoxical, and explaining their motivations was more challenging. However, while acknowledging that they may not now receive their votes, they believed that these immigrants are more malleable than the existing American: That with enough care, convincing, and "teaching," they could be converted, be grateful, and become dependent on them. Republicans seemed to idealize the patron-client relation with Hispanics as much as their Democratic competitors did. Curiously, three out of the five lawmakers that declared their opposition to amnesty and increased immigration (all Republicans), were from border states.

Also curiously, the Republican enthusiasm for increased immigration also was not so much about voting in the end, even with "converted" Latinos. Instead, these legislators seemingly believed that they could weaken the restraining and frustrating straightjacket devised by the Founding Fathers and abetted by American norms. In that idealized "new" United States, political uncertainty, demanding constituents, difficult elections, and accountability in general would "go away" after tinkering with the People, who have given lawmakers their privileges but who, like a Sword of Damocles, can also "unfairly" take them away. Hispanics would acquiesce and assist in the "natural progress" of these legislators to remain in power and increase the scope of that power. In this sense, Republicans and Democrats were similar.

In other words, your elected representatives are seeking to have an electorate they can rule over, not one that they must represent. The political elites are so completely corrupt that they are about to betray democracy and implement a new political system that will reduce you and I to serfdom. If they have their way, a permanent political class will exist that deliberately pushes you and I into poverty and dependence on government programs. 

Your elected representatives are attempting to do what all the efforts of the Soviet Union and communist China could not. They are trying to push us into a Marxist totalitarian system that you have no power to resist. And they are doing it completely for their own benefit, not yours.

Your elected representatives want to fire you, their electorate, because they know you want to fire them. Once the elites reshape the lawful electorate into something more controllable, the United States will follow the path taken by every country that has started down this road. Out Constitutional freedoms will be stripped away and the economy will collapse. Our entire economic system, as well as our social and political systems, will exactly mirror the now-dead Soviet Union. We are on the road to serfdom.

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