Harry Reid Proved IRS Scandal is Valid

Harry Reid tried to force the Redskins to change the name of their team. Instead, he confirmed Conservatives' and Libertarians' worst fears about the IRS scandal.

US Senate majority leader Harry Reid doesn't like the Washington Redskins. In an effort to cast himself as the superhero Captain Political Correctness. he's been waging a one-man war to force them to change their team's name, which he considers derogatory to Native Americans.

As usual, Conservatives and Liberals have polarized themselves on this issue, Conservatives supporting the team's stance against Reid's bullying and Liberals egging him on like a slavering mob.

The problem is that they've all missed the point. A couple of them, in fact.

The Market Will Fix This If There's a Problem

First, the Washington Redskins team, ultimately, is a business. Simply put, it provides entertainment for those who enjoy watching sports. As a business, it must respond to the preferences of its customers. If the customers don't like the name, they can simply not spend their money on anything to do with the Redskins. The Redskins will respond by either changing their name or going out of business. No government interference is needed at all. Harry can just get on to actually doing his job. Reminder: He's a US Senator and should be focusing on running the country not waging media wars against American businesses.

Anyone Notice Government Targeting Political Opponents Here?

There's a much larger point here that everyone seems to have missed. Did ANYONE notice that a high-ranking government official has used a government agency to target a private group that is not in compliance with his opinions?

And does that sound familiar?

Harry Reid went to the US Patent and Trademark Office and told them to cancel the Redskins' trademarks. They didn't just happen to conveniently do that on their own at the exact time Harry wanted them to. He actively instructed a US government agency to deprive the team of its Constitutional rights-due process of law. 

There was no lawsuit.

There were no hearings.

There was no representation.

There was no notification, other than what occurred in the meeting.

At no time did team representatives have a chance to face their accusers.

In short, Harry got the USPTO to completely bypass the law and revoke their trademarks by government fiat. This is what's called corruption. It's against the law, but no one seems to have noticed.

The USPTO does not have the right to simply cancel trademarks because the winds of political correctness are suddenly blowing in a new direction. It just can't do that. It's flatly illegal.

Haven't We Seen This Before?

Barak Obama states that there was "not a smidgen of corruption" in the IRS targeting Conservative and Libertarian groups in order to influence the US Presidential elections. He has asserted that government officials such has himself can't get the IRS to target political opponents. But Harry Reid has patently proven that false.

We are now at a point in history where ANY individual or business can be targeted by well-connected politicians for ANY reason that might benefit that politician. Harry has proven that politicians CAN use government agencies to target anyone they want. 

In other words, Harry Reid has confirmed the worst fears of opponents of the Obama administration in the IRS targeting scandal. He's proven that government officials can and do attack their opponents using government agencies. And they do it in complete violation of the law.

Clive Bundy and Al Sharpton

A rancher in Nevada, where Harry Reid is from, claimed that the government was trying to run him out of business to give his land to a Chinese solar company represented by Harry Reid's son. The rancher's name was Clive Bundy. He claimed that the federal government had no rights to dictate land usage policy on the land that his family had been ranching for over 150 years.

At this point, we won't go into whether Bundy had a case or not. Maybe he did or maybe the government's complaints against him were true. Either way, it's not important to the current discussion.

And whether or not Harry Reid was involved in that affair or not is an open question. But let's leave that one alone as well.

Here's the important point. The Bureau of Land Management said that Budy owed them $1.1 million in grazing fees. 

Their response?

They sent in militarized BLM agents with helicopters, snipers, and more to round up Bundy's cattle and kill them. They even cordoned off a small area far from the roundup and declared it the "First Amendment Area" where people could speak out against the roundup. Despite the fact that the Supreme Court has ruled that anyone can photograph government employees performing their jobs, BLM agents tazed Bundy's son for trying to take pictures of the roundup because he was outside the First Amendment Area. They then arrested him and had their K9 units attack him. But they later released him without charges.

By way of comparison, the IRS has declared that Al Sharpton owes $1.9 million in back taxes.

Their response?

Al Sharpton got an invitation to dinner at the White House with President Obama.

Does something seem odd about that, or do I detect yet another example of government agencies being used against administration opponents while not applying an equal legal standard to administration supporters? When I was younger, we used to call that corruption. 

Wait, What About Richard Nixon?

Does anyone remember Richard Nixon? He was that US President that almost got impeached and had to quit. Remember what all the fuss was about?

Well yes, there was that whole thing about a break-in at the Watergate hotel where Nixon was planting bugs so he could eavesdrop on his political opponents. And then there was a coverup. There was a tape recording with 18 critical minutes missing.

But was that what got the Congress to start the impeachment process?

No, not by itself.

Nixon's worst crime in the whole sordid affair was that he used the IRS to attack his political enemies. That's what made the difference. Back then, that was seen as much more than a smidgen of corruption. My how times have changed.

Equality and the Economy

Without equal protection under the law, we cannot have a functional economy. Our whole economy requires that everyone have an equal standing before the law. The government can't favor one group over another without creating severe impacts throughout the economy.

In short, government corruption kills the free market.

And the free market is nothing more or less than people using their freedoms to choose for themselves what to buy, what to make, what to sell, and how they want to do business. 

If we don't believe in the free market, we don't believe in freedom. Without our Constitutional protections, our economy will not function.

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