Eliminate Cash, Charge Negative Interest Rates, Show No Mercy, Take No Prisoners

The big banks are colluding with governments to take complete control of your money. Welcome to the totalitarian state.

Recently, Larry Summers delivered a speech at the International Monetary Fund Research Conference that should scare the bejeebers out of everyone. Our friend Mr. Summers wants to eliminate cash.

Why is that bad, you say? Everyone uses credit and debit cards anyway, you say?

To answer that, we have to take a look at the world’s current financial situation.

It stinks.

The World is Running Out of Money

To be more specific, governments have spent all the money they could get their hands on like a bunch of drunken sailors on shore leave. 

No. I shouldn’t say that. It slanders drunken sailors.

In any case, due to astonishingly excessive and stupid government spending, layer after layer of incredibly stupid government regulations, a religious devotion to stupid Keynesian economics, and the advance of stupid dogmas such as socialism and communism, the governments of the world are rapidly bankrupting themselves.

Solution: Take More Money from You

To keep the gravy train going, and to avoid the massive worldwide chaos that would ensue in the event of a large-scale economic collapse, governments are looking for more ways to take your money. They want to do this by charging you money for the privilege of having money.

Say what?

They want to charge you negative interest rates on the money in your bank account.

Ha, you say. I’ll just pull it all out and store it under my mattress as cash.

But First, Eliminate Cash

And so we return to our good friend and  benefactor" Larry Summers. He wants to eliminate cash. He says we should move to a completely cashless society where you must keep all of your money in a bank.

Of course, the government can have easy access to your bank account. It can take half of your account, if it wants. Or it can charge you negative interest rates.

In other words, the government is setting itself up to take complete control of your money.

You will have no recourse.

You will have no way to protect your earnings.

You will have no say in how much you get to keep.

And your freedoms? Yeah, forget those. They’re gone with the greenback.

Of course, Big Government loves this idea. 

Law enforcement thinks it’s WONDERFUL if all of your transactions must be disclosed to a third party. In other words, you will have NO privacy-ever again.

Leftist, statist wonks gush out the wonderfulness of a world where you have no protection against government and banking fraud. They’re so happy to tell you how this will fix all of the problems with the economy that were caused by government misspending, government interference, and the banks making bad loans.

They don’t stop to consider that this will lock the poor out of the worldwide economy completely.

They don’t seem to register the fact that there has never been a centrally-planned economy in the history of the world that has succeeded.

What Can We Do?

First, we must stand up to the government’s war on cash.

Second, we must take control of our own destinies by producing our own money. And we can do a better job of it than the government.

We can obsolete government-issued, debt-based fiat currency and the archaic infrastructure that goes with it. By doing so, we can protect our earnings and bring economic power back to Main Street. Its all there waiting for us to grasp if only we will.

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