Create a Password that Can’t be Hacked

Here’s a simple way to keep your password from being hacked.

A lot of our customers, friends, and family members have been experiencing password hacks lately. Email spammers hack peoples passwords to get into their email and social media accounts. They then use these accounts to send their garbage from a source that is trusted by the victims family and friends. Often, their spam includes links that will compromise the recipients computer systems and spread more spam.

Keep Your Accounts Safe

Heres a simple way to keep your email and social media accounts safe.

  1. Make your password something you can remember.
  2. Make your password something that isnt in the dictionary. Using foreign words is good.
  3. Mix in upper and lower case letters.
  4. Mix in numbers and special characters.

Some examples of good password include the following.

Good Passwords





Bad Passwords

Your name

Your spouses name

Your childrens/grandchildrens name

Your birthday

Anyone elses birthday in your family

Your anniversary

Number sequences, e.g. 1234

Use a Password Manager

If you really want to keep your passwords safe, you will have a different password for every single account that you own. This includes email accounts, social media accounts, online banking, and even your Netflix account. Dont reuse a single password ever.

Of course, that adds up to a lot of passwords. So we STRONGLY encourage everyone to find a password manager program that they like and use it. There are many on the market and they all have strengths and weaknesses.

The password manager program you pick should be simple and straightforward for you to use. It should generate random passwords for you so that your passwords are completely unguessable.

But there’s one thing to beware of. Many password managers let you sync your passwords across all of your computers and devices. They do this by storing your passwords on their servers. That means ALL your passwords are on somebody elses computer system. Those systems become HUGE targets for hackers. If a hacker can break into a computer owned by the company that produces your password manager, then they can get ALL your passwords.

If the password manager you want to use syncs passwords by storing them on their servers, you still might be able to use their software. Just dont use the sync feature. If the password manager program doesnt FORCE you to store your passwords on the companys computers, then its ok to use their software. Otherwise, we recommend that you find a different password manager.

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