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Rethinking Money Part 10: Sound Money for Your State and Community

Local currencies can keep value in your community, alleviate poverty, and promote your local economy.

National governments issue …

Rethinking Money Part 9: Social-Purpose Currencies

Specialty currencies can solve social problems without raising taxes, redistributing wealth, increasing regulations, or going into …

Rethinking Money Part 8: Business-Purpose Currencies

Releasing a currency can boost your business.

Many large businesses today issue their own currencies.


Don't be. You use …

Pathological Altruism

For 50 years, government wealth redistribution has proven itself to not work at all. It is quite simply insane to keep doing it.

Some …

Rethinking Money Part 7: Commercial Credit Circuits

Like the dinosaurs, banks that are "too big to fail" are about to become obsolete.

In the 2008-2009 financial meltdown, we witnessed …

Rethinking Money Part 6: The Unmortgage and Humane Economies

We can create free-market economies that are profitable, fair, and humane.

Previous articles explained the dangers of our debt-based …

How to Neuter the IRS

Taking down the IRS is not complicated.

The recent IRS targeting of groups opposing the Obama administration has clearly demonstrated …

Rethinking Money Part 5: Credit Clearing Cooperatives - How Do They Work?

How does a world without money work?

Credit clearing cooperatives and networks of affiliated cooperatives provide you and I with …

Rethinking Money Part 4: Credit Clearing Cooperatives for Economic Democracy

We can create decentralized, free market economies that are more stable, prosperous, and humane. And we can do it all without money.

Rethinking Money Part 3: How Our Software Changes Everything

Do you know how to create better money and the perfect economy? With our software, you can do both and see how your answer competes …

Rethinking Money Part 2: Our Money is Broken - Fractional Reserve Banking

Our banking system actually forces some people into poverty no matter how well they manage their money.

Most of the seemingly intractable …

Rethinking Money Part 1: Our Money is Broken - Economic Monopoly

Government-issued fiat money is the cause of most of our problems today. In fact, it will eventually destroy political democracy.

How Do You Get $1 Million to Do the Work of $100 Million?

Complementary currencies can magnify the effects of educational dollars and solve seemingly insurmountable problems along the way.

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