Announcing Project El Dorado!

Cognisaya, LLC. is creating and sponsoring an effort to create a new digital currency that advances the state of the art far beyond anything else. You can get the details on the El Dorado page on our web site.

El Dorado, which is not the final name of the currency, will create a system that is unique in the history of money. It will be able to monitor its own economy and balance the supply of money to match the demand. In other words, there wont be inflation or deflation.

El Dorado is also designed to create a freer free market and a fairer economy.

Currently, were in the process of obtaining funding to help produce El Dorado. But if youre interested in volunteering, please use our contact page to let us know. Were primarily seeking software developers and testers, but we will be looking for other skills sets later on.

Project El Dorado is open source and available to everyone. We will soon be announcing the location of our code repository for those who want to start digging into the source code.

To keep up on Project El Dorado, it’s a good idea to subscribe to our blog or check it regularly. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Stay tuned  

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