The articles listed on this page originally appeared as entries in our blog. They explain what we are doing, how digital currencies provide everyone with new economic opportunities, and they discuss the basics of the free market. We are publishing articles in the following categories.

Government and Free Markets

Misc. Topics

Series: Digital Currencies

Series: Rethinking Money

Government and Free Markets

These articles address how governments affect, distort, and destroy free markets.

Handing the Mafia a Currency Monopoly

The Russian government may have handed the Russian Mafia a currency monopoly. And the same thing could happen in the US.

Harry Reid Proved IRS Scandal is Valid

Harry Reid tried to force the Redskins to change the name of their team. Instead, he confirmed Conservatives' and Libertarians' worst fears about the IRS scandal.

How Corruption Makes Americans Fat and Kills Americans Early

Government distortion of free markets is a major contributor to America's obesity epidemic.

How the IRS Shot Itself in the Foot with Its Bitcoin Guidance

The IRS just gave you a BIG tax refund.

How to Neuter the IRS

Taking down the IRS is not complicated.

Illegal Immigration as a Tool for Ending Democracy

The political elites want an electorate they can rule, not one they can represent.

Legal Tender, Money Centralization, and Income Inequality

The only way to solve the income inequality problem is to apply free market principles to money itself.

Pathological Altruism

For 50 years, government wealth redistribution has proven itself to not work at all. It is quite simply insane to keep doing it.


The takeover of stores in Venezuela and the Obamacare debacle are exactly the same thing-two nations marching diligently toward economic collapse and serfdom.

You Can’t Live There. Obama Says So.

HUD’s “Disparate Impact” doctrine steals your freedom of choice makes it possible for the government to dictate where you can live.

Misc. Topics

Articles related to reinventing money.

How Do You Get $1 Million to Do the Work of $100 Million?

Complementary currencies can magnify the effects of educational dollars and solve seemingly insurmountable problems along the way.

Moral Obligations and the Economy

The highest moral obligations we owe to our fellow human beings are self-reliance and equality.

Series: Digital Currencies

These articles discuss what digital currencies are, how they work, why they will revolutionize and democratize our economy, and what Cognisaya is producing in the realm of digital currencies.

Digital Currencies Part 1: Bitcoin Paves the Way

Bitcoin proves that don't need government to issue our money. In fact, we can do it better ourselves.

Digital Currencies Part 2: What is the Difference Between Our Software and Bitcoin?

Bitcoin and its derivatives are the first generation (1G) of digital currencies. We're working on second (2G) and third (3G) systems.

Digital Currencies Part 3: What is Digital Cash?

Digital cash is the beginning a free market revolution.

Digital Currencies Part 4: Why Use Digital Cash?

Digital cash has distinct advantages.

Digital Currencies Part 5: How Does Digital Cash Work?

Digital cash is flexible, powerful, and completely customizable.

Series: Rethinking Money

In this series of articles, we examine what's wrong with our money and banking system. We explain why the money and banking system we use drives poverty, destroys freedom, and concentrates both power and wealth from the many to the few. We also introduce some ideas for building new monetary systems that promote freedom, encourage local businesses, give everyone a greater voice in their local micro economy, and provide new opportunities for the average person to invest.

Rethinking Money Part 1: Our Money is Broken - Economic Monopoly

Government-issued fiat money is the cause of most of our problems today. In fact, it will eventually destroy political democracy.

Rethinking Money Part 2: Our Money is Broken - Fractional Reserve Banking

Our banking system actually forces some people into poverty no matter how well they manage their money.

Rethinking Money Part 3: How Our Software Changes Everything

Do you know how to create better money and the perfect economy? With our software, you can do both and see how your answer competes in the open market.

Rethinking Money Part 4: Credit Clearing Cooperatives for Economic Democracy

We can create decentralized, free market economies that are more stable, prosperous, and humane. And we can do it all without money.

Rethinking Money Part 5: Credit Clearing Cooperatives - How Do They Work?

How does a world without money work?

Rethinking Money Part 6: The Unmortgage and Humane Economies

We can create free-market economies that are profitable, fair, and humane.

Rethinking Money Part 7: Commercial Credit Circuits

Like the dinosaurs, banks that are "too big to fail" are about to become obsolete.

Rethinking Money Part 8: Business-Purpose Currencies

Releasing a currency can boost your business.

Rethinking Money Part 9: Social-Purpose Currencies

Specialty currencies can solve social problems without raising taxes, redistributing wealth, increasing regulations, or going into debt.

Rethinking Money Part 10: Sound Money for Your State and Community

Local currencies can keep value in your community, alleviate poverty, and promote your local economy.

Rethinking Money Part 11: Denationalized Currencies

Anyone can issue a currency. Really.

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