We’re Sponsoring a Project to Reinvent Money

The Qbaan, which is sponsored by Cognisaya, LLC. is a new form of money that never inflates or deflates. In addition, it provides real paths out of poverty, protects privacy, and promotes the free market. We’re creating a nonprofit organization, called the Qbaan Federation, to build and promote the Qbaan. 

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Issuing a currency can supercharge your business, reinvigorate your local economy, or change your world.


Drive Your Business Forward


Build customer relationships with customer loyalty rewards, discount coupons, special offers, and rebate certificates that you can email, put on credit/debit-style cards, or give to customers in their digital wallets.

Streamline your supply chain with currencies tailored specifically to your industry.

Create a currency from any asset, from future production, and more. Your currency can have whatever features you want.

Lower capital costs and avoid the expenses of short term loans.

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Restore Economic Democracy


Free yourself from the devastating effects of inflation and the crushing burdens of unnecessary debt.

Democratize your economy by moving control over money back to everyday people where it belongs.

Invent decentralized free markets in which you have a voice.

Develop currencies that are stable, reliable, valuable, and easy to use.

Reinvigorate your community’s economy with a currency for your city or state.

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Transcend Money

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Buy, sell, and do business without money and without bartering.

Regain your rightful place as a value producer in the free market.

Invent innovative financial instruments that provide new opportunities for investment and build your nest egg.

Design your own fair, humane, and sustainable economies.

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Solve Social Problems

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Improve community welfare without raising taxes, redistributing wealth, or increasing regulations.

Maximize the effectiveness of your social investments in education, health care, and more.

Find ways to reward socially conscious behaviors such as recycling and caring for the elderly.

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Open Source for Reliability


The software we’re building is based on open source libraries available to anyone. The transaction processing software we’re building will also be open source so you can download it for free and extend it in any way you want. No matter what happens to our company, you can continue to use and enhance ours software in an economic system that you design.

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